Malmö Game Week


Do I need to buy a ticket to attend the event? 

No ticket is needed to attend the event as a general visitor during venue opening hours! You only need to pre-register before arriving or you can also do that on-site at the main entrance. To attend the LAN you need a LAN ticket. Included in the LAN ticket you get access to all LAN tournaments, the sleeping hall, a weekend filled with gaming and meeting awesome people like yourself! 

To purchase a LAN ticket, head over to the ticket page

Do I need to bring my own computer to the LAN event? 

Yes, that is correct! We will provide the power and internet together with a chair and table spot. You are responsible for bringing the remaining equipment. Please read through our packing list for some tips of what to bring. 

What is a LAN and what does BYOC mean?

LAN originally means Local Area Network but is also used as an expression where it means that a gathering of people bring their own devices and connect them together for different activities such as gaming and more. BYOC stands for Bring Your Own Computer e.g our BYOC tournaments mean that you need your own computer to participate. 

What activities are hosted at MalmöLAN? 

You can find all sorts of activities in our expo area that is open all three days of MalmöLAN like tabletop games, console games and more! We will also be having a stage where competitions will be taking place all weekend. Head over to our Event page to read more! 

I am under the age of 13, can I still attend MalmöLAN?

You do not need to be a specific age to attend the expo and general event of Malmö lan. To attend the LAN with a computer, make sure to have your parent read through our parental information.

Will there be any food available at the event? 

We will have a smaller food stand inside the venue, but if you are in the mood for some different, make sure to check our food information page. You have a wide selection of food available in the nearby area of Hyllie.


Photo by: DreamHack/Gabriel Kulig