1-3 July 2022

Malmö Game Week Unplugged 1-3 july 2022

Malmö Game Week returns with a new twist! 

Meet us at Malmö Game Week

City of Malmö

Sweden's third biggest city, aiming to become Europe's hottest gaming city.

City of Malmö logo

Spelens Hus


An open minded, neutral and positive meeting place where everyone should be able to have fun.

Spelens Hus logo

Sverok Skåne

One of Sweden's largest youth associations.

Sverok Skåne

Tier 1

Biggest MTG-shop in Scandinavia and frequent organizers of card gaming tournaments. Tier 1 Con is a must visit for every card slinging gamer!

Tier 1


A role-playing association with events every Monday night at Spelens hus.

Rollspelssällskapets logo

GMM - Game Makers Malmö

GMM are based in Malmö. They arrange gaming events all over Sweden, focusing on analog gaming which requires many participants. 

Everyone is welcome, find GMM at Malmö Game Week!  


Malmö Kortspels-förening

Malmö Kortspelsförening is a non-profit organization for people who have a passion for collectible card games.

Malmö Kortspelsförenings logga

Event in Skåne

Event in Skåne is the centre of event expertise and a collaborative partner of events in Skåne. 

Event in Skåne
Event in Skåne

Malmö Brädspels-förening

Come and play board games with Malmö Brädspelsförening. We have been
active since 1999 and will bring our passion for board games to this
event. Everybody is welcome, we have games for all ages!


Pixel Arcade

Bring back the 80’s arcade with Pixel! An arcade/game room where you’ll find arcades, pinballs, retro video games.

Pixel Arcade
Pixel Arcade