Malmö Game Week


Everyone is welcome to MalmöLAN but we recommend participants to be above the age of 13.

If you are under the age of 13, please have your parent sign parental information form which can be found here. The information filled out in this document will not be shared with any external partner and just be used for the purpose of contacting guardians of the minor attending the event and sending out information about MalmöLAN. The information will be kept for 30 days after the event has finished and then deleted.

Parents should also make sure to be available helping their minor participant with setting up and picking up equipment since we do not have staff dedicated to this process.

With MalmöLAN being free to enter you can as a parent always come by during the general opening hours of the event to make sure everything is alright. After general opening hours, we will only allow LAN ticket holders to be inside the venue. Staff will always be at the event 24/7. 

Photo by: DreamhHack/Gabriel Kulig