1-3 July 2022

Tier1CON 1K cEDH WCQ (Competitive Commander)

starts - ends:
Mässgatan 6, 215 32 Malmö

Tier1CON 1K cEDH WCQ (Competitive Commander)
Guaranteed Prize pool: VIP INVITE: World Championship in Copenhagen 12-14 August 2022.
Max Capacity 100 seats.
Competitive Commander.
40 life points.
4-man pots.
Swiss rounds + Finals, based of standings after Swiss.
Winner of the cEDH WCQ will win: a bye + entry fee +1000 € travel/Accommodation expenses for the upcoming Tier1CON cEDH World Championship, in Copenhagen 12-14th of August 2022.
Start: 10:00 Player meeting.
Entry fee: 35€

* Guaranteed price pool is Tier1MTG Store credit. Due to laws of Cash payouts, we are not currently able to go through each payout based on country to calculate TAX, VAT, Local laws etc.
All prices are including 25% VAT.

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