1-3 July 2022

Tier1CON 1K cEDH WCQ (Competitive Commander)

starts - ends:
Mässgatan 6, 215 32 Malmö

Tier1CON 1K cEDH WCQ (Competitive Commander)
Guaranteed Prize pool: VIP INVITE: World Championship in Copenhagen 12-14 August 2022.
Max Capacity 100 seats.
Competitive Commander.
40 life points.
4-man pots.
Swiss rounds + Finals, based of standings after Swiss.
Winner of the cEDH WCQ will win: a bye + entry fee +1000 € travel/Accommodation expenses for the upcoming Tier1CON cEDH World Championship, in Copenhagen 12-14th of August 2022.
Start: 10:00 Player meeting.
Entry fee: 35€

Arranged by:

Tier 1

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