1-3 July 2022

MBF goes Malmö Game Week

starts - ends:
Mässgatan 6, 215 32 Malmö

Come and play board games with Malmö Brädspelsförening. We have been active since 1999 and will bring our passion for board games to this event. Everybody is welcome, we have games for all ages!

Saturday July 2nd 
(Ticket price - 0kr)
Choose a game from our board game collection and play with your friends/family. 

(Ticket price - 0kr)
Representatives from our Association will teach you specific games from our collection.

(Ticket price – 0 kr)
Purchase second hand board games in good condition (incl. all parts) at great prices. You can test play the board game prior to purchasing it.

Malmö Brädspelsförening (MBF) is holding a 7 Wonders 2nd edition Tournament at Malmö Game Week Unplugged 2022!

When: 2nd of July 14:00 CET (sharp)
Where: at the Malmö Brädspelsförening booth at Malmömässan, Mässgatan 6 215 32 Malmö
Participants: Maximum 20 participants
Entry fee: 50kr payed via online ticket. You will also need to get a free ticket to enter the venue, you can get both tickets here Link for tickets: https://kippu.events/en/store/order/132

Rules: Second edition Rules. Participants are expected to know the rules. They will not be taught at the tournament.

Organizer: Andreas Vecstric. For any questions or need to get in contact email andreas.wesik@gmail.com

Preliminary Schedule & Format:
Varies depending on the amount of players.
14:00 - 14:15 - Start and information
14:15 - 15:00 - First round/Quarter final
15:00 - 15:45 - Second round/Semi final
16:00 - 16:45 - Final
16:45 - 17:00 - Prize ceremony

The Winner receives the honour of being crowned the 7 Wonders Champion at Malmö Game Week Unplugged 2022. That should be enough but no...
The top 5 placements in the final including the winner are guranteed to pick ther own prize from our prize table. 
The prize table will include an assortiment of boardgames. 

(Ticket price - 0kr)
Board game developers will be on site to present their games. You will also be able to test play the games with the Designers.

Grafz: a game of synergy (Designer: Christos Yonas)
A 2-player abstract strategy game combining minimal design and simple rules to form a gameplay of emergent complexity! In Grafz players try to outmanoeuvre their opponent by placing their victory piece on their opponent's back-row. Simple, right? Well there is a catch, victory pieces change during the game, and pieces must work in synergy in order to achieve victory. Every move counts in Grafz and no piece should be left behind as every single one could potentially be the key to victory! Remember that only in synergy can victory be reached!

Robotprins (Designer: Simon Lindén)
Cards, dice and sweet rockin' chip tunes
Digital 8-bit music meets analogue cards and dice in this fast playing game which is a salute to old school video games.

Mercenaries of Esterok (Designer: Jason Lentz)
A fantasy themed investment game where players compete to make the most profit from pitting different factions against each other. Signed and in production.

Arranged by:

Malmö Brädspels-förening

Come and play board games with Malmö Brädspelsförening. We have been
active since 1999 and will bring our passion for board games to this
event. Everybody is welcome, we have games for all ages!