1-3 July 2022

Divided Land Megagame

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Mässgatan 6, 215 32 Malmö

A megagame about real life politics and terror back in 1947
Most of us with an interest in politics or history have at some time wondered “what would have happened to the world if X had done Y, not Z”. Now is your chance to change the history of the Middle East by taking part in Divided Land, to be played in Malmo at the Malmö game week convention in July.
Divided Land is a historical megagame set in the chaos of the Palestine problem in the late 1940’s. It is primarily a game about politics, but with an operational element. It is about the search for a solution to the troubles of that region of the Middle East for which Great Britain had assumed responsibility since December 9th, 1917, when General Allenby's troops received the surrender of Jerusalem from the defending Turkish forces.
The game consists of several teams representing different interests in the region. In the months before the end of the British Mandate there is a frantic jockeying for position and influence, in a final attempt to agree (or force) a solution before the problem is thrown to the new and unknown international organisation.
In reality the failure to arrive at an agreed solution led directly to the unilateral formation of the State of Israel, the first Arab Israeli war of 1948 and the crisis in the Middle East that still exists today. But you can change that, and show the world what could have been achieved!
Although players will represent real life interests of the time, from the US president at one extreme to Jewish and Arab terrorists at the other, there is no expectation that players will behave as those people actually did in 1947. Teams will be comprehensively briefed on the background to the crisis and on their own interests, but how they proceed is a matter for them and how they interact, negotiate with other teams, and deploy the resources open to them.
Previous versions of the game have proved to be tense, interesting, educational, and even revealing about what might have been a very different history if some people had acted a little differently! But above all it remains a game, a highly involving, entertaining and enjoyable way of spending a few hours, of meeting and interacting with new and old friends.
If you would like to know more before deciding, then you can e-mail telmartin@aol.com or gamemakersmalmo@gmail.com
For more about megagames in general see https://megagamemakers.uk/
Hope to see you in Malmo
Terry Martin
(Game Designer, and founding member of Megagame Makers)

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